Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary CeCe and Pops!

Bennett and I flew in Saturday evening. We were suppose to get in early afternoon, but due to bad weather in Dallas, we sat on the runway for 2 hours. No kidding 2 hours, then finally took off and made it to Atlanta only to fly around for 20 more minutes to burn off the extra fuel, THEN finally landed around 6:30 pm. Fletcher was there waiting for us at the airport. Bennett and I both were thrilled to see him. We missed him! We got home, pseudo unpacked, and repacked to head to Nashville Sunday morning to surprise CeCe and Pops on their 40th wedding anniversary. Aunt Katie and Uncle Chuck cooked a delicious meal and we enjoyed wonderful company while Bennett and Cousin Trey played. We were also celebrating Aunt Stephanie's 24th birthday! We had a great time visiting with everyone. We made it back to Atlanta this afternoon, unpacked, and are happy to say we'll all be sleeping in our own beds tonight.

Hanging out in Roxton

Bennett loves his cousin, Lane. Lane is 3 and a half and as soon as Bennett saw him, he had to hug him. We haven't learned the importance of "personal space" yet and I think Bennett was getting a little to close for Lane's taste. BUT I had to take pictures of it. Bennett just kept hugging him. Wherever Lane went, Bennett was right behind him. One picture, he's standing so close to Lane you can see the discomfort on his face and Bennett just stares. Bless his heart, he was just so excited to see his playmate. We spent one afternoon in Roxton at my Aunt Carol's house. Aunt Golda was there and my cousins Doug, Melissa, and Audrey came by after work. I grew up spending lots of weekends here and had such a great time catching up with them.

Visiting Nanny& Papaw

We're so blessed to have such a wonderful and loving family. Two of the most caring people are Willie and CJ Smith (actually my step-grandparents). We joined their family when I was about 5 years old and as long as I can remember, they've been grandparents to me. They've always treated my brother and I (and my sister for that matter) as if we were one of their own. It's so exciting to see Bennett get to experience their love too. This trip to Texas we got to visit with them on two separate occasions. Bennett and Willie just played and played. I'm afraid he might have worn her out. He talked on her phone for the longest time and then would spin CJ in his recliner back and forth. It was such a nice time and we can't wait to get back to Denison to visit them again.

Back to DFW

After spending 5 days in the Texas panhandle, we hopped a plane back to Dallas to finish up our trip in Bonham. We visited Nanny and Papaw, aunts, uncles and cousins in Roxton, and got to spend time with Nina, Pa, and Aunt Jade. Bennett made a few appearances at Nina's school and got to meet her class on Valentine's Day (we delivered the dancing dog in picture 1). I took advantage of the babysitters got to have a dinner with my college friends in Dallas. I so miss those girls! I managed to entertain Bennett until Pa got home to take him outside each afternoon. Bennett loved riding his tractor in the circle glad Bonham is a small town with NO traffic. I must say, he loves his Aunt Jadie too! She lets him jump on the bed and do all kinds of fun stuff.

Heading to Lipscomb

After a few days in Bonham, Bennett and I hopped a plane to Amarillo where we were greeted by my dad. Bennett was so excited to see his Papa waiting at the airport for him. We drove up to Lipscomb to Papa and Grammy's house for some R&R. We had a great time playing with Sue and Rio (Papa's dogs), looking for the bull that got out, checking out the 4 wheeler and lawnmower, and playing the drum. Bennett, again, found the tupperware drawer and had a fun time emptying it. One day we went to visit Grammy at school and got to meet her 3rd class and play on the bean bag. The next day we headed to downtown Lipscomb to visit with some friends. Bennett showed off his tricks for his new pals. I think bathtime in Papa and Grammy's jetted tub had to be the highlight. Grammy found Bennett a cowboy rubber ducky and Papa put on his swim trunks got in the tub with him. It took a second for him to warm up to the jets, but once he did, he was splashing about again. Thanks Grammy and Papa for a wonderful visit. We miss you both already!

Our February Trip

Bennett and I left on Jan 31st for our Texas trip. Fletcher was busy flying in and out of town for work, so we thought this would be a great opportunity for us to visit family and friends in the lonestar state. We spent a few days in Bonham with Nina & Pa. I had the luxury of getting a massage and facial while I was there (thanks Nina!!!!) and enjoyed watching the Super Bowl with my college friends while Nina hung out with Bennett (again, thanks Nina!). Bennett found his favorite "inside" passtime which is emptying the tupperware drawer. He soon got bored with that one and decided to move up to the dish towel and miscellaneous drawers. I caught the little guy in the act and had to post a few pics. Bennett's favorite "outside" passtime was leading Pa or Nina or Jade around the backyard practicing his walking. I must say he came back from Texas with mad walking skill!!! Yeah Bennett!