Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Visiting Bampa and Grandmother

While in Nashville this weekend, we got to go visit Grandmother and Bampa. Bennett showed off all of his new tricks. He played and played with Bampa. This visit his favorite thing was talking on the phone. It's always a treat to get over to Bellevue for a visit.

Bennett and his Car

We love bathtime at our house. It's tough to get Bennett out of the tub. I'll let out the water and he's still playing. No water, no problem. Monday night I told Bennett Daddy was playing with his car in an attempt to get him out of the tub without a fuss. I got him out of the tub and could barely get the towel around him as he flew out the door. Naked as a jaybird he climbed right into his car ready to go for a ride. Too cute!

Visiting CeCe and Pops

This past weekend we headed up to Nashville to spend the weekend with CeCe and Pops. A storm and cold front came into town with us, so it was chilly. Bennett didn't mind it though. He loved playing in the wagon, blowing bubbles, riding the tricycle, and playing with the train Pops put together. Fletcher and I even got to sneak out for a date night and some exploring downtown. We had a great visit and enjoyed getting to see the family.

Eating Dirt???

I know boys will be boys, but eating dirt in the backyard is just beyond me. I thought I'd let Bennett taste it, he'd hate it and move on.....nope! That's not it goes. We have to try it, gag a little, and try it again. Is it suppose to taste better the second time around? I had to catch the kiddo in action.