Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yes Sir!

Not sure if this will be quite as cute to their momma when their grown and still tell me they want to be marines, but right now it's pretty darn cute. And the response to anything I ask when in uniform is "Yes Sir!" (with a sharp salute)

Changing It Up

We have our favorite parks and we tend to frequent those, so yesterday we decided to change it up a bit. We went to a new park located at a midpoint from our house and the boys' school. It's great because it's located right at the beach (not that I got any pictures of the beach). I had hoped to get the boys to walk with me and look for seashells, but they were way too into the roller slide and the rock hill. Again, not sure where they get their energy, but after a day of preschool, they were still rocking and rolling.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Araha Park

Bennett and Beau love, love, love the pirate ship at Araha Park, so today we decided to head that way after preschool. The boys had the flashlights CeCe had sent them (also doubling as a sword), so they were set to go. It was a beautiful day and we had a good time just getting out and "enjoying the air" as Bennett would say.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Talking w/ Beau-handsome

I was so impressed this morning when Beau told me the name of the ship Fletcher is on. Bennett mentions the name nightly when he says his prayers and Beau is obviously paying attention. Just wanted to catch him chatting on video because I think his little voice is just about the sweetest sound EVER!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tidwell's Take on Torii Beach (Again)

We love Torii Beach because it's about a 10 minute drive from our house, it's beautiful, and it's easy (they have the chairs and umbrellas = less for me to carry). This morning we got our things together, packed our lunches, and headed out for the day. We've been spoiled to beautiful beach weather, so we're taking advantage of it. I have to admit, a big part of me would love to be lazy and watch college football today, but my two little partners just aren't complying with that. The boys are going to be so sick of me following them with a camera, but I keep saying "just one more for Daddy" and that seems to work for now. I never thought I would say Bennett was my "cautious" one, but compared to his younger brother, he definitely is. Beau likes to taste-test everything...the sand, the ocean water, caterpillars (we stopped that before it happened). I have to say, between the wrestling and fighting, these two are big buddies and best playmates which is nice for me.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One More Video

Since this is the only way Fletcher can see the boys, I wanted to show Beau playing too.

Making Friends

The kids are doing great, but I know they miss their friends because they talk about them a lot. Bennett tells stories with Ali and Libby as characters. He often mentions going to play with Will and Claire Hennessey. So today when I saw the neighbor and his little friend come outside I told Bennett to ask them over. He was a little nervous and wanted me to do it. We have the best yard in the area, so I invited the boys over to play soccer in our yard. They were gracious enough to come and were really wonderful with the kids. These boys were 10 yrs old and barely speak any english, but there were so sweet to play with the kids. Bennett's confidence went through the roof when he was able to kick back and forth with one of the boys. Beau rules the roost, so he immediately took charge and began bossing the other little boy around. They were good sports and I was so grateful to them for helping make my boys feel special.

Last Pool Weekend

This is the last weekend for the pool at Torii Station to be open, so after running our few errands, we headed there for some fun in the sun. Bennett is a fish and Beau today was more interested in lounging with the snacks.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kenny Park on Kadena

When I pick the boys up from preschool, I try to have an activity to fill our afternoon until dinner time. Today we went to Kenny Park on Kadena AFB. It's a great little park that always seems to have a nice breeze which we love. The boys are extra excited on Fridays because they know the weekend is ahead. I did my best to follow them around with my camera while trying prevent any broken bones. I have two little dare devils on my hands. I've always sensed this, but lately I've gotten a few comments from other parents along the lines of "those two have no fear, huh?"....Bennett and Beau even made a friend, Willow, on the tire swing.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Single Parenting...

Today is one of those afternoons when I wish a camera crew had been following us #1 to enlighten any who do not understand why some moms may seem a little stressed at times, and #2 purely for the humor in watching it all unravel. I picked the boys up from school today packed and ready to take them to the pool. We had our swimsuits, beach towel, swim diaper, etc and we were ready to go. I took the boys into the ladies locker room to change us all. This would be the time to point out that I am completely disgusted by any and all pool locker rooms. The humidity is comparable to a sauna and the floors literally make me gag just thinking about them. SO this is not my favorite activity, but I was "taking one for the team" as we say in our house. Changed us all and headed out to the pool. We were swimming no more than 5 minutes when Beau, who is 21 months and attempting to potty train himself, decides to announce (loudly) that his "poo poo is coming". Announce it = shouts it repeatedly. I confirm that he has to go potty, get a "yes" response, jump out of the pool, slip on my shoes and his, grab Bennett, and we all hurry off to the restroom....all while trying to explain to Bennett why he has to come too. Get to the restroom, Beau has to strip off completely (again gag in the locker room), he tee tees and that's it. Great, except that he's convinced his "poo poo is coming"....but not so convinced that he needs to stay on the potty. So we're in limbo. He refuses to put his swimsuit back on, but also refuses to stay on the potty. Have you ever tried reasoning with a 21 month old? It's not pleasant and next to impossible. And throw in a 3 year old who just wants to swim. Complete shenanigans. I conceded and walked out of that locker room with one naked toddler and no pride, BUT two happy boys. What are you gonna do, right? Again, not so sure that we're the best ambassadors for the american family, but we survived and as you can see at the end of the day, we all still like each other.

P.S. The poo poo did eventually come about an hour his our backyard.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daddy's Care Package

Bennett and Beau wanted to help put together Fletcher's care package. They had lots of great ideas of things we should send him like a police uniform, a truck with a trailer, some chocolate get the idea. They wanted to each make their own card and put them in the box all by themselves (to make sure the cards didn't get wrinkled). I thought it was really sweet how hard they were trying to make sure this care package was sent with love. Just wanted to share how much these boys miss their daddy. BUT on the positive, they have no concept of time. Bennett thinks Fletcher is going to be on the ship for 5 days. AND since their stuff got here, they are genuinely happy. I know it's just stuff and that's not what is important, but there is something soothing about playing with your favorite old things and I'm so grateful all of the boys' oldies, but goodies arrived all in one piece. Such resilient kiddos....I'm a lucky mom.

Monday, September 20, 2010

More Pics of the Boys

A few more pics of this afternoon (for Fletcher)...