Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More of Ishigaki

The previous post didn't give Ishigaki enough recognition. We did have all day Friday and Saturday to enjoy the beautiful island (and actually take a few pictures). I just wanted to share a few shots of our family not in crisis mode. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ishigaki Vacay - First ER Visit

Last weekend we took a mini vacation to Ishigaki Island, a little island located between Taiwan and Okinawa. We had heard wonderful things about the Club Med there and were eager to check it out for ourselves. I have to admit the unlimited wine and extensive "petite club" activities added to our excitement. We arrived early on Friday in time to lounge by the pool. The kids spent Friday and Saturday in the mini-club doing circus school, beach time, pool time, playing in the pirate playroom, and so much more. Fletcher and I took a bike ride down into the local village, had cocktails by the pool, and even tried out the trapeze. It was exactly what we needed......that is, until about 7:30 that Saturday night. It all went down over a game of bingo. After dinner, the mini-club get together for one last activity of the day which just so happen to be bingo that night. Beau was running over to me to show his card when he tripped and fell into the couch I was sitting on. He had an enormous gash on his forehead and bled like it was a gunshot wound. I have never seen so many japanese people fleeing. We took an ambulance to the ER and 4 stitches later Beau was as good as new. As you can see in the pictures, Fletcher and I both were covered in blood. The hotel was kind enough to send a translator to the ER with us which was such a "lifesaver" for lack of better words. The stitches have since been removed and aside from me chasing the little guy around with vitamin E oil and sunblock, all is back to normal (whatever normal is). The pictures are a little blurry because they were taken with my Iphone, but you get the idea.

Monday, May 9, 2011

And He's Off!

Bennett is riding on TWO wheels! The training wheels came off, Bennett took a spill and decided he wanted them back on. Momma said okay, but the Marine in the house thought we were "regressing". Needless to say, after some practice and coaxing, Bennett is off and not looking back. We're so proud (and a little nervous). He's already decided since he's mastered the bike, he needs a skateboard. Heaven help me!

Feeding the Ducks

One of the highlights to many of our afternoons is feeding the ducks. The boys love taking our leftover bread down to Nagahama Dam and launching it into the water. Beau makes no secret to the fact that he plans on "shooting those ducks just like Pops does"..... There is a sequence to how it goes. We start off riding bikes, eventually make our way down to the little stream, and finally end up at the beach. By this time the sun has gone down and we head back home for bath and books. Not a bad way to end the day.