Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Biking on the Seawall & The Big Dip

Soaking up as much time with Daddy as we can.

Bearded Boys

Bath time is always a party!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Saturday Bike Races

Bennett and Beau are all about their bikes. They ride before school and after. We're blessed to live near some pretty awesome parks with pseudo-tracks, so we frequently load up and go. Beau is convinced he's Lightning McQueen and Bennett loves being Chick Hicks (sp), so the race begins. Fletcher and I are the gas stations......makes for an entertaining afternoon.

Beau & his Pants????

For some reason, Beau always ends up out of his pants. I'm not even sure exactly how it happens, but without a doubt that child always finds himself exposed. The other day we were doing some boardwork. One minute the boys are practicing their numbers and the next minute we see two little cheeks (about the cutest cheeks on the planet). Beau, on the other hand, seems completely unphased by it all. I wish we could say the same for our sweet (and modest) Japanese neighbors.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Forest Adventure

Fletcher and I have been wanting to do Forest Adventure since we heard about it months ago. With Labor Day giving Fletcher some extra time off, we thought this our best opportunity. We made it into a birthday date for me. After a quick instruction session, we were free to take to the ziplines on our own. It was awesome! Fletcher and I both wiped out a few times coming in, but it was all in good fun. Ziplining through the forest with beautiful ocean views.....check!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ahhhh, the Marriott

We finished up the last few days of CeCe and Pops visit at the Marriott. We hadn't taken a summer vacation, so we thought this would be the perfect retreat for all of us and a great opportunity for the boys to get to swim as much as they wanted. Swim, swim, swim is exactly what they did. The boys swam before breakfast, came in for a quick meal, then back to the pool until lunch time. They voluntarily took 2 hour naps which tells you a lot if you know how likely these two are to nap. It was a wonderful getaway for all of us. Our friends, Katie and Sean, joined us for the afternoon and dinner which always makes for a great time. Bennett is quite partial to Ms. Katie, so he was on best behavior breaking out all of his manners to impress her. I don't think he's caught on that she's taken, but we enjoyed the good behavior regardless. We spent all of our time poolside having gotten our beachtime in at Okuma, but still checked the Marriott Beach activities on our way to check out. Highly recommend a stay there if given the chance.....we may go back! :)

Fukushen Gardens

After returning home from Okuma, we had a few nights before checking into the Marriott. Fletcher's mantra is "no rest for the weary" so we were all about checking out these Chinese Gardens we had heard about. Beautifully manicured with more than enough photo opps, we enjoyed our afternoon there.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CeCe & Pops Come to Visit

I'm playing catch up with my posts, but I have a good excuse....CeCe & Pops came to visit! They arrived on a Saturday night and we left for Okuma the next morning. Since this was their second visit across the pond, we thought they were due a little beach time. That and the only way to beat the heat is to be either on the beach or in the pool. We did both. :) We spent 3 nights at Okuma which is a little military beach resort on the northern part of Okinawa. It's hassle-free with everything the boys could want to do within arm's reach. We went out on the glass-bottom boat, roasted smores, and talked Pops into a hike up to Hiji Falls. Heading home from Okuma, we hit up the Nago Pineapple Park and the dolphin show at Churaumi Aquarium (which I have no proof of since I left my camera in the car). I have a feeling CeCe & Pops may be in for some rest time when they arrive back home.