Monday, November 28, 2011

Staying Busy on Thanksgiving Break

We're literally in countdown mode for Fletcher's return, so we're staying busy and trying to pass the time. We've been to Baba Park where Beau had two spills in a matter of minutes resulting in a busted lip and scratched cheek. Poor little guy. We returned to that park the next day for a rematch and Beau left with no marks on his face. We got haircuts.....real ones! After haircuts, we got celebratory ice cream for making it all the way through the haircut. Beau has a history of getting about halfway done and then bolting (or screaming until I bolt out of embarrassment....both resulting in a one-sided cut). This time we made it and he got ice cream with M&Ms on top. Can you tell how thrilled I was? I probably would've splurged a for car at that point. Bennett was cool as a cucumber, but that's how he rolls. They've built Santa's sleigh and already watched Polar Express more times than I can count. Staying busy and counting days.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More of Bennett's Class

Proud Mom and Her Boys

Most of the time, I'm the photographer, so when I can get a picture with my sweet boys.....I DO! I was so proud of them yesterday at their Thanksgiving Program. What you didn't get to see on the videos were the educational demonstrations the classes performed simply because it was too long to upload. The boys work hard and play hard and although they give their momma a run for her money, their great kids. So thankful for them.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bennett's Thanksgiving Poem

Thanksgiving Program - Beau Rocked It!

If you know me well, you'll know the "stage mom" in me wanted to push that little girl out from in front of my Beau.....but I didn't.:)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

I've been bad about taking pictures lately, so I wanted to post a few just to show what we've been up to. Nothing special, but staying busy between playgrounds, birthday parties, tennis, and more. Last weekend was Veteran's Day, so we had a long weekend. We played outside at the park until the rain started and then headed inside for some water painting. This weekend we had a friend's birthday party where Bennett got his face painted as Spiderman which thrilled him and Beau got the balloon man to make him a Nemo which made for another happy boy. After the party, we went to the Tops in Blue performance where the Air Force musicians, vocalists, and dancers put on an almost 2 hour show and the boys actually sat through it all. The music was wonderful and Bennett was dancing in his seat. Truth be told, Beau slept through the last 45 minutes, but he was still, so I'm counting it. :) We treated ourselves to dinner at Chili's after the show, facepaint and all, to round out our fun Saturday. The boys are growing like weeds with two big birthdays quickly approaching. I have to say, conversation isn't lost on them either. These two little ones are pretty worldly with Beau pointing out in his deep little voice that "last time I was in Hong Kong, I was just a little guy"....true, but funny since the "last time" was the only time. And Bennett has decided that it's probably easier for our Japanese neighbor, Lucia, to just call him "Ben" instead of having to learn his whole name of "Bennett".....Interesting thought considering we've lived here about a year and a half and I have yet to hear Lucia utter one single word, but I'm willing to go with it. Maybe shortening Bennett's name will break ground in their ability to communicate with each other. I'll let you know.

Dancing Elves!

The boys think this is hilarious! They watch is 10 times a day and still giggle like it's the first time.

Always Playing a Character

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Annoying Whistles and Even Louder Shirts

As you can see, the last 24 hours we tried to cram in as much fun and quality time with Fletcher as possible. Although exhausted, I have two thrilled little boys. Before leaving Fletcher had a few gifts for the boys. I have to say, I think the giving of the gift time was convenient considering the whistles can make the most piercing sound when blown just right. All 23 hours prior to leaving, the whistles were nowhere to be seen. Right before leaving, Fletcher "remembered" he had a great gift for the boys. Sounds a little premeditated to me, BUT I love him anyway!

Bella Napoli and the Seawall

Again, to dote on Bella yummy! The view doesn't hurt their case. :) The pizza is delish, the boys love looking for crabs along the seawall, and Fletcher and I can finish a sentence.

Sesame Street Comes to Okinawa

The USO did a wonderful job bringing Sesame Street over for the kids. The entire show was geared towards military kids and some of the struggles and changes they face. Bennett and Beau loved the music, the dancing, and the free light-up toy they gave out. The added bonus was Fletcher got to join us. After Sesame Street, we went to one of our favorite little pizza places on the seawall for a snack with a view. Love, love, love Bella Napoli! We walked the seawall and enjoyed the view after our pizza.

Friday, November 4, 2011


He's home! Not for long, but we'll take it!