Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bennett Plays Hard

Poor guy! Bennett always takes a long morning nap and then we just wing it in the afternoon. He'll take a few cat naps here and there, but there's no going down for 2 hours or so. He's just got so much energy and now that he's rolling, it's a whole new world. My friend, Elle, came over last night to join us for dinner. We put Bennett in his little exer-saucer to play while we ate. He likes to be right there in the middle of things, so we thought that might keep him entertained. I noticed it had gotten pretty quiet.....looked over and this is what I saw. He was all played out.

Happy 1st Father's Day

I'm so blessed to be married to an awesome husband and father. He's just the best. Watching him with Bennett makes me fall in love with him all over again. He loves that little boy. After a long day at work, Fletcher comes in and takes over. He does what I call "power hour" in our house....that's when I'm trying to get dinner ready, get Bennett fed and bathed, and then bedtime. It's a fun, but can be a hectic time. Fletcher makes it run so smoothly. Bennett adores him. To all the dads out there.....Happy Father's Day!

CeCe and Pops Come to Visit

This past weekend Bennett got to visit with his CeCe and Pops. They drove down Friday evening to come hang out with the big boy. He loved every minute of it. Pops fed him breakfast and CeCe gave him his baths. Saturday night they babysat and Fletcher and I got to have a "date night". So nice to get to go to dinner and not be bouncing the little fellow on my knee while trying to eat. I'm sure all moms can relate. We had a blast and hated that the weekend flew by so fast. Bennett said a temporary goodbye on Sunday morning, but will get to visit CeCe and Pops in Nashville next week.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Visiting Nina & Pa

This past week Bennett and I went to Bonham to visit Nina & Pa. We had such a great time. Nina had stocked up on all his latest loves such as the exer-saucer, a swimming pool, rattle toys, a pack-n-play rigged with foam for an extra cushy sleep, and even a swing added to the treehouse. Bennett had a blast playing with all of them. Pa came home from work everyday at lunch to hang out with us. Bennett got to visit lots of family including his cousin Lane. He shared his infamous "open-mouth" sugars with everyone. Bennett learned two new tricks on this trip. The first one (and most popular)....he finally rolled over! The second trick (as seen in the last photo), Bennett can pick up his rattle with his toes. Impressive! One revelation: Growing up in such a small town, I couldn't wait to get out. Now, I see how great we had it. 20/20 Hindsight!