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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swim, Swim, & More Swim

Bennett and Beau are total fish this summer. Both have been swimming at school and then again after school for lessons. Surely with all this time in the water, we can get these boys officially swimming. Bennett is doing great and is right on the verge of having it down. Beau loves the water, but his little coordination is still coming along. With all the practice these two are putting in, they'll be joining the swim team in no time. Just wanted to post a few pics of the boys in the lessons.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July 2011

The boys and I spent our 4th of July at the Renaissance Hotel. The pool is awesome with slides and complimentary floaties (which I love). We can watch the dolphins and dragon boats and even check out a few owls and cages, of course. For a small fee, we too feel like guests at the wonderful Renaissance Hotel. The boys have been begging to go all weekend and although it was initially planned for Saturday, Fletcher's plans took a frontseat and then again on Sunday. They were patient and flexible, but by Monday I knew we had to go with or without FCT. SO we went without. Fletcher did get to come later which made the day even better. We celebrated America's bday in true 4th of July fashion (except for the yakisoba for lunch)....a little homesick, but proud to be American and grateful to be free!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Slip n Slides and Sleds

The boys and I went for a cookout at Erika and Henry's to celebrate.....not celebrate anything in particular, but just a general "celebrate" cookout. I've decided I love that attitude. We should celebrate everyday, right? The boys found their house to be better than any theme park we've been to. They had a monsterous hill in the backyard complete with sleds for the kids. When that got old, there were slip n slides and a trampoline with pads and a net. Slip n slides always bring smiles. I have to say Fletcher and I have been blessed with amazing friends wherever we live and Okinawa has been no different. It was a wonderful evening with sweet friends.