Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Final Hoorah w/ the Patrick and Holle Families

This weekend we had a few goodbye parties which I must say makes my heart hurt. BUT the one that really makes it hurt the most is a going away dinner for the boys. Our sweet friends, Jamie and Ryan, had us over along with the Holle Family last night for pizza and playtime. You can tell from the pictures the kids (and adults) had a blast. Grammy and Papa had flown in from Texas and got to join in on the fun. Bennett played dress up with Libby and Ali except Ali has different costumes from the ones we usually play with. Not to let a little thing like that stand in his way, Bennett threw on a dress and went on with playing....much to Fletcher's distress. At the end of the night, the kids all gave their goodbye hugs and kisses. Lord, please continue to place such amazing people in our lives that help us learn and grow. We have the BEST friends!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunny SoCal

We had the opportunity to visit some dear friends in Southern California. The boys loved the beach in spite of the freezing water. Too cold for me! The weather could not have been more perfect and we made the most of every minute playing with our buddies. Bennett and Beau finally got to meet Thomas and Benjamin Daigneault, Reese and Hudson Barber, Masen, Thomas, and Trevor Howell, and Nana Sue's grandsons (Mark, Darren, and Ethan). We played at the beach (obviously), at a wonderful little park just down from our old condo, and even got to play dress up at the Barber's in Temecula. Reese has one of every super hero costume that he shared with Bennett and Beau found his own Clark Kent costume. I so enjoyed getting to catch up with some of our 100 percenters (I stole that term from Shannon). She uses that to describe her lifetimer list of friends. We're lucky to have some good ones.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Visiting Grammy & Papa's Little Piece of Heaven

We had the chance to spend 5 days up in the panhandle at Grammy and Papa's house. We love it up there and the boys enjoy calling the cows, feeding the horses carrots, riding the 4-wheeler, and getting to do all their "cowboy chores" with Papa. Bennett wore his boots and shorts every day. Not sure what kind of fashion statement he was going for, but he insisted. Cousin Lea Ann braved the adventure with us and we were thrilled to get some quality time with her as well. She's such a trooper taking everything in stride. Thanks, Lea Ann, for all your help on the plane! Bless your heart. Beau got a taste of his first calf fry and we got indulge in Papa's fried fish. Yum! Thanks again Grammy and Papa for a wonderful time in the panhandle!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

We're Home

After a month long trip to Bonham, the panhandle, back to Bonham, and then onto California, we're home! I've just loaded my pictures and I have well over a 150, SO I'll pick my favorite ones and load a few everyday or so. The first few days we arrived in Texas were spent in Bonham at Nina and Pa's house. We were there in time to celebrate Mother's Day which is extra-special considering one year ago on that day, my mom was admitted into the hospital with Lymphoma. To get to celebrate her and how far she has come was wonderful. The boys played and played, sword-fighting, and riding tricycles. Sweet Alex from across the street spent many afternoons with us just running around and sharing toys. The boys loved to play in the sprinkler (naked)....one of the perks of being in a small town. We so enjoyed our time there.