Saturday, September 22, 2007

Big Boy in the Big Tub

We've outgrown our baby tub....sadly! This means my baby is growing up. His little feet had made it to the end of the baby tub and he could no longer enjoy kicking and splashing, so we've upgraded to the big tub. AND he loves it. It's like a whole new world. Something about running water amazes Bennett, so pouring water from a cup or letting the faucet run is the best entertainment. Anyway, I had to document it, so here are a few pics.

Bennett, The Crawler

So we haven't quite mastered the stereotypical crawl just yet, BUT we are definitely mobile. Bennett has his own version of "the crawl". It's something very similar to the army commando crawl you see when the guys move across the ground with no air between their bellies and the ground. It's actually a very efficient way to move. I know this because this child can fly....he can get from one side of the room to the other in no time! Today, however, he hit a road block when he crawled under the exersaucer and got stuck. The speedbump threw him off. He did find the perfect spot to watch SEC football!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Again Refusing Naps

So we've gotten a lot better in the last two weeks about definitely getting in our morning nap. It's the afternoon nap that we're struggling with. I'm taking a night class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, so Fletcher is in full-force "daddy mode" those nights. This is a re-cap of dinner-time at the Tidwell house while I was at school tonight (looks a lot like lunchtime from the other day). Thought I needed to share. Any naptime suggestions are welcomed!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Swing Swing Swing

The child loves being outside! At my mom and stepdad's house in Bonham, they have this treehouse in the backyard. My stepdad built it for the grandkids to play in and I know as Bennett gets older, he's going to spend hours in it. For now, they have a car swing tied to the tree and Bennett could spend hours in that thing going back and forth. I would like to blame the hair standing up on the wind blowing, but I'm afraid that would be a lie. His hair always looks like that. I welcome any suggestions aside from cutting it. We wet it down in the morning forcing it to lay down.....15 minutes later it's back up straight. I've heard baby oil, but I'd prefer he not look greasey. :) Anyway, back to the point...the swing. I highly recommend investing in one of these! It's a keeper!

Bennett and Pa

Saturday Fletcher and I had a night out. It was a much awaited night out with old friends. In the meantime, Bennett had a night with his Nina & Pa in Bonham. He visited friends and family, played in the pool and got to play with Aunt Jade. I believe he loves his snuggle time with his Pa.

Thanks Nina & Pa for hanging with the big guy!!!

Visiting Nannie & Papaw

This past weekend Fletcher, Bennett and I headed to DFW for a dear friend's wedding. Lucky for us the wedding was close to Nina & Pa, so we had eager volunteers for babysitting! Yeah! Grown up night out! We flew in Friday and made a stop by my grandparent's, so Bennett could show off his new army crawl. He got a taste of Nannie's homemade chocolate chip cookies (his first taste of cookies). That's setting the bar pretty high. We loved our time with Willie and CJ and wish we could've stayed longer.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Refusing Naps!

So not sure what the problem is, but Bennett refuses to go down for a nap. This is a new thing....we (and I mean "we") use to love Bennett's long morning nap. He'd go down sometime around 10:15 and sleep until lunch. Perfect for me. I'd shower and get my chores done around the house and we'd have our afternoon to do errands or play. It's like a switch got flipped and he now won't have anything to do with going down. He'll do everything he can to keep those big brown eyes open until he just can't do it anymore. It's like he thinks he's going to miss something. This morning we went into his nursery like we always do. We turned on our music and started rocking....nope....not going down. I put him down in his crib knowing he was exhausted and hoping he'd just go down. Nope! I gave in and thought since it was so close to lunchtime at this point, I'd just feed him and surely with a full tummy he'd sleep. Sure enough. We barely got through his sweet potatoes and he was out. You'd think his crib would be more comfortable, but....what do ya do? Thought you might need a visual for this one. :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cowboy Up!

My dad will be thrilled to know that Bennett has taken an early liking to his chenille pony that his Papa gave him. He's also loving his rocking horse. Bennett moves his legs up and down like he's really getting bounced around. He giggles when he hears the horse sound fun to watch him get into it. So this picture is for Papa...