Saturday, October 27, 2012

From Beijing to Xian

We hopped a short flight to Xian one of their middle sized cities at a population of around 8 million people.  Our main goal there was to see the infamous terracotta warriors.  Ching Li was our tour guide in Xian and did a wonderful job showing us around.  Our first stop was to the Ancient City Wall.  After the wall, we were off to see the only place the make replicas of the warriors.  We saw the kiln, little replicas, life-size replicas, and the boys even got to try their hand at making one too.  The replicas were cool, but nothing could compare to seeing the real deal.  The whole story is pretty amazing from the detail in each of the warrior faces to the fact that they were only discovered about 37 years ago.  Remarkable to see.

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