Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guilin to Shanghai

Our last leg of the China tour took us to Shanghai.  It was such an amazing city to see and the perfect combination of new and old.  We toured the Yuyuan Park that is 453 years old (with a Starbucks in walking distance), walked along the Bund, visited Nanjing Road, toured a silk factory, and got to see the Shanghai Circus.  24 million people living in that city and mind-blowing just how big it really is.  I have to say after experiencing the restrooms in rural China, I found it refreshing to be in a more westernized city.  Shanghai reminded me of Hong Kong only better.  We had the sweetest tour guide Ren Min (we called her Min) and I enjoyed hearing her personal stories of growing up in China and now living in the big city.  I know I'm a blessed girl, but after talking with her, I felt that even more so.   

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