Sunday, October 28, 2012

Xi'an to Guilin

So we hopped a flight from Xi'an to Guilin to experience rural China.  Rural, it was.:)  Our first day we toured the Reed Flute Caves and then onto Elephant Trunk Hill which you can see from the pictures where it gets its name.  Our second day in Guilin we took a cruise down the Li River to another town called Yangshuo which was an awesome way to really see the landscape.  A few neat highlights were all the water buffalo, the man on a paddle boat bringing fruit to our boat, and the limestone formations.  Really beautiful.  Once in Yangshuo, we walked through the local markets which are obviously there for tourists and then we drove back to Guilin in our van.  That drive back was the bumpiest ride I've had since offroading in West Texas one summer at Camp Meeting.  The next morning we took a stroll through Seven Star Park before catching a flight onto Shanghai for our last leg of our tour.   

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